What We Do

For 25 years, the Foundation has worked to expand restoration, recreation, and environmental education throughout District sites.
Throughout that time, we have:

  • Planted more than 25,000 native trees and shrubs across McHenry County. 
  • Permanently protected more than 6,820 acres of open space for today and tomorrow's generations.
  • Increased ADA-accessibility on District sites by supporting various trail, site, and amenity upgrades and improvements.
  • Connected countless people to Conservation sites in their own backyards through programming, scholarships, and transportation reimbursement.

As we look toward our next 25 years, we see the need for our work to accelerate. The changes that are happening in our environment are challenges that are too big for any one entity or sector to tackle alone and it's partnerships like the one we have with the District that will make all of the difference. 

Key Focus Areas of Accomplishments: