Big Woods: Tree Donation

A Living Gift for Tomorrow's Woodlands

What better way to honor someone than by planting a tree in their honor as a living legacy. Donate native trees and shrubs to commemorate a loved one, celebrate a special occasion, or to help restore the oak savannas and woodlands of McHenry County. Help the Conservation District fulfill its pledge to preserve and restore our treasured woodlands for the enjoyment of future generations.

With your help, the Conservation District will purchase native trees and shrubs and plant them each fall on District sites that were historically wooded. Donations from conservation-minded individuals, youth clubs, organizations, small businesses, and corporations will help support of our treasured oak savannas and woodlands.

In 1837, approximately 143,000 acres in McHenry County was once covered by some type of oak ecosystem. Today, less than 18,000 acres remain—an oak loss of over 87%, according to The Oaks of McHenry County. Through this program, we plan to restore and recreate the “big woods” of McHenry County.

Please note: The location where trees and shrubs will be planted cannot be specified. Each year this will depend on areas of greatest need across the county. Your donations of $50 will purchase and plant 2 native shrubs and/or trees.

Thank you for your contribution!